Sustainable Architecture

Why do we call ourselves Whitsunday Eco Retreat ?

During the design phase the Company aimed for each building to be totally self sufficient, showing that sustainable architecture is possible.

Bearing in mind the impact that the buildings will have during their life cycle, construction, use and ultimate demolision.  The slope of the ground, aiming to minimally affect the natural surrounds and what the impact on the local flora and fauna might be.

The ease with which materials can be recycled, using local materials, avoiding varnishes and where possible using low environmental impact construction materials.

Our ethos is to be energy efficient, reduce energy consumption while maintaining services or levels of comfort and quality of life.

Each bungalow has its own rainwater collection system, uses water saving devices, offer good insulation to save energy on heating and cooling, glazing to encourage natural light and utilise low consumption light bulbs.

Thoughtful planting of vegetation, an essential element in bioclimatic design, gardens cool the air and trees offer shade and protection from wind.

Our aim within the coming years is for each bungalow to be out of the grid, utilising solar panels, clean electric energy with both passive and active systems.