Hello to the Humpbacks

The magnificent humpback whale arrives in the Whitsundays after their long journey from the Antarctic in search of the warm, shallow and protected waters that the Whitsundays provide. The massive 45 tonne whales take the time out of their migration to call our waters home from the months of July to September. The humpbacks aren't just passing through on their way to the breeding grounds, they're taking some well needed time out to socialise, have fun, learn essential life skills and nurture their new young in the pristine waters of the Whitsundays.  

The wild creatures are often hard to spot, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled out on the water, if you are lucky enough the humpback whale will show off its amazing acrobatic skills performing magnificent breaches, throwing tail lobs and their classic peduncle throws. Most often the gentle giants travel in pods, so if you see one keep your eyes out for more, especially the newborn 4 tonne calfs.  

The gorgeous whales and the stunning winter weather make this time of year in the whitsundays one that you'll never forget.